Furniture Heaven is pleased to be

Kelowna’s home for Cottage Paints!!

What is Cottage Paint?  It is a clay-based paint (instead of chalk) that dries to a silky matte finish and remains porous and easy to sand or wet distress when dry.  We didn’t invent this paint, it’s been around since frescoes in the Sistine Chapel.  We did, however; bring it up to modern environmental standards by removing almost all of the VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in both the bases and the pigments.

The beauty of this paint, is that you can paint it over almost any surface without sanding, priming or stripping.  The surface just needs to be clean and free of flaking paint or rust. We’re not kidding!!  Gone are the days of laborious stripping and sanding.  No need to prime a surface before painting it.  That takes hours off the job and lets you get to the fun and creative part of painting right away!

This is a Canadian product (with very low VOC’s) and is comparable to the well known chalk paints from England, but without the carbon footprint of being shipped half way around the world.

For more detailed information about the paint itself (and available colors, waxes and varnishes) as well as techniques and project ideas, please visit the Cottage Paint website at  Furniture Heaven is now Kelowna selling this paint locally.  Please stop in to our store at 435 Banks Road, Kelowna to see our currently available inventory (or to place a special order).

Furniture Heaven will also be offering painting classes (utilizing these paints and various finishing techniques) through their store (probably 1 or 2 times each month).  Currently, we have Gail Hodgson, a local artist offering classes on various dates.  Each class includes the supplies you will need and teaches  you several techniques for transforming your items in various ways.  Our Basics Class #1  is $65 + GST per person and is 3 hours long.  The Basics Class #2 (Artistic Embellishments) is 4 hours long and is $80 + GST per person.  To find out our next class dates or to register, contact Furniture Heaven at 250-762-2231 or email us at  PRE-REGISTRATION is a must, so please book your preferred date(s) as soon as possible.

These classes are a lot of fun, especially if you bring a friend or spouse along!!

Our Next Class Dates:

Basics #1 Classes (3 Hours)

Currently we have no classes scheduled.

Artistic Embelleshments Classes (4 Hours) (Formerly Basics #2)

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Cottage Paints & Classes